One day you’ll realize your life was never meant to be a certain way. You were never meant to always look or feel a certain way or take the traditional routes that we’re told will make us successful. You were always just supposed to make the most out of life. You were supposed to have doubts about how things would turn out. You were supposed to be afraid. You were supposed to make mistakes. You were supposed to make tough sacrifices. You were supposed to let go of people that you’ve outgrown. You were supposed to experience heartbreak. You were supposed to go through all those battles and make it out —still believing life is worth it because you get a chance to still experience things like being in love. Or laughing with friends. Or spending time with family. Or walking through nature. Or finding hobbies that you’re passionate about. That day will come when you’re going to get a real good look at the life you’ve already lived and see the silver linings that make you appreciate where you are now — to prepare you for whatever is to come.




Writer. Poet. IG: @shyrowel

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Shy Rowel

Shy Rowel

Writer. Poet. IG: @shyrowel

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